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The frontier local currency markets

21 March 2022

In this latest FIM Partners Webinar, Matthew Vogel and Francesc Balcells, joined by expert guest speakers Bert Van Lier and Othman Boukrami from the Currency Exchange “TCX Fund”, answer some of the questions facing investors today.

They discuss the very origins of the markets as investment destinations for institutional investors, their allure, risks, and outlook for further development. Importantly, the lack of correlation and high carry continue to provide some relief to the ongoing challenges facing the global economy.

The panelists all share the view that local currency investments in these markets have a strong sustainable investing component, and many available instruments meet the EU’s Article 9 category for impact investing. Going forward, they expect that more efforts will be made by policymakers to expand local currency issuance at the expense of hard currency issuance – avoiding the “original sin” of EM indebtedness.

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