About us

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High performing team

We are a tried and tested team with a long history of working together and investing in emerging and frontier markets, where we have generated an outstanding record of alpha since inception, regardless of asset class, consistently ranking at the top of fund league tables. The investment team members bring an average of 15 years of professional experience having worked across the institutional spectrum: buy side, multi-lateral financial institutions, sell-side research, rating agencies, and investment banks.

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Smart portfolio construction

We use portfolio construction as a means to mitigate downside risk and enhance risk adjusted returns over the life of the investment cycle. We aim to have diverse sources of returns while minimizing exposure to risk factors. We favour secular themes over cyclical opportunities ensuring resilience and capital protection for our portfolios in market downturns.

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First mover advantage

Our investment process is one that allows us to react to structural and market changes in a country, sector or at a security level, and to enter and exit positions on a timely basis. Our underwriting criteria and deep understanding of the markets allow us to deploy our resources and underwrite investments quickly and efficiently, giving us the first mover advantage.


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On the ground presence

Our investment professionals are native to our markets and are able to dissect the cultural and social nuances of our diverse investment space. Far from being desktop investors, we have unparalleled access to the ecosystem of our investments from our office locations and through our extensive network of policy makers, economists, academics, industry leaders and wider stakeholders as well as through our relationships with investee companies.