About Us

We see ESG as an opportunity to engage with our investments and collaborate with them on implementing best international practices leading them to a path of long-term sustainable growth in line with our investment horizon. ESG is not solely about risk mitigation for us but also serves as a conduit for identifying new investment opportunities.

UN Principles of Responsible Investment

We are aligned with the six principles of responsible investing of the United Nations and are committed to embedding them in our strategies

UN Global Compact

We integrate the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact in our ESG process. Repeat violators of the principles are excluded from our investible universe

ESG is an integral part of our investment due diligence process and mandates a holistic view of the entire ecosystem surrounding our investments. Lead by our ESG team, we maintain a proprietary ESG framework against which all portfolio investments are measured, comprised of three key elements: screening, integration and engagement.

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Negative Screening

Countries facing sanctions
UNSC violators
No-go sectors such as illegal weapons, adult entertainment, gambling, alcohol and tobacco etc.

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Proprietary ESG scorecard
Annual management questionnaire
Site visit and management meetings
Proprietary ESG KPI metrics database
Controversy/alert tool

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Proxy voting
Direct engagement with management
Emphasis on constructive dialogue
ESG-focused awareness events